Dear MYCO students, teachers, and parents:


We are thrilled to welcome you to the MYCO family as we celebrate our 13th season! In addition to our usual roster of excellent coaches and artists, including members of the Chanterelle Trio, The Sebastians, the Ciompi Quartet, and our founding director Yoram Youngerman, we also welcome back pianists Keiko Sekino and Teddy Robie, as well as several exciting guest artists.

One of the aspects of MYCO that is so special, and which makes the year-round program uniquely excellent in the Triangle, is that all of our coaches and guest artists are professionally active and internationally renowned chamber musicians. They bring their wealth of experience and various areas of expertise to every group and every student that they coach, and this unmatched dynamism ensures that EVERY chamber group at MYCO is truly an intensive and focused learning experience. Even from the very first piece of chamber music that our youngest students are assigned, they are being guided by leaders in the field in the core MYCO values of collaboration, creativity, and excellence—values which are truly at the heart of every professional chamber music ensemble. 

MYCO is a special place, and our alums are truly a testament to this fact. Our students have been prizewinners on the national level at the Fischoff Chamber Music Competition, and have formed their own chamber groups at leading music schools and conservatories such as Juilliard, NEC, CIM, and others. However, the values of chamber music, which are first and foremost about listening (to one’s self and to others), stick with our students in every endeavor they pursue in life. Whether this takes the form of an opportunity to study engineering at Johns Hopkins, or as a Kenan Scholar double-majoring in music and a pre-med track at UNC, the MYCO values of creativity, collaboration, and excellence accompany our students as they branch out from the MYCO family.

We are so glad you are with us and we look forward to an amazing year together; a time for closer listening, more thoughtful listening, and more passionate listening. It is our goal to send deeper listeners out into the world, and for those listeners to light paths for others which inspire and resound.



Nicholas DiEugenio and Mimi Solomon

MYCO Artistic Director

Mimi Solomon and Nicholas DiEugenio
co-Artistic Directors, MYCO


Highlights from the Fall 2017 Semester


Improvisation Workshop with Alex Ezerman, UNC-G

September 24


New Virtuosity Workshop with Tom Chiu, Flux Quartet

October 22

Within a workshop format, Tom Chiu will introduce alternative systems of notation (many of them relevant or influential to composers working today).  Using Stravinsky as a point of departure, I will first expose the young musicians to mixed-meter beat patterns as well as the incorporation of ostinato/rhythmic figures that defy the barline.  From there, we will explore excerpts of music from noted 20th-century composers, as well as living composers, working in a diverse array of unconventional notational methods.


Residency with Yoram Youngerman

November 5 and 12

MYCO founder Yoram Youngerman returns from Israel for a two-week residency during which he will conduct chamber orchestra as well as coach every chamber music group twice.


   Residency with Gwen Krosnick

   November 19

   Founder of Trio Cleonice, cellist Gwen Krosnick visits MYCO for a mini-               concert, master class, and guest coaching.