Dear Students, Parents, and Teachers:

We are likely preaching to the choir as we write to you with the message that music shapes lives for the better. As supporters and practitioners of this art, you have all witnessed the impact that musical engagement can have at the individual level as well as across larger demographics. More specifically, music can provide a space in which young people cultivate creativity, artistry, and collaboration--gifts which, refined into skills, will last a lifetime.

MYCO engenders and instills creativity, artistry, and collaboration through the special, intimate medium of chamber music. Our mission is to nurture students as creative thinkers and problem solvers, as individuals who can call upon their MYCO experiences even in "non-musical" situations. Our mission is to foster artistry in young musicians at MYCO, to encourage not only the instrumental excellence that chamber music demands, but to instill an understanding of color, shape, musical gesture, and how to achieve a meaningful musical performance as a group. Our mission is to reveal the benefits of collaboration; for students to listen, to react, to breathe together, to know one another's point of view, and to make music from side to side and person to person rather than from the top down. Even within our larger Chamber Orchestra and Piano Seminar groups, students will learn the intricacies of ensemble skills through modes of listening and empathic understanding. 

The tenets of creativity, artistry, and collaboration also lead students to discover new paths to parts of the musical world they may not have previously considered. MYCO is the Triangle's leader, not only in advanced and high-level chamber music performance, but in providing young classical musicians with experiences in improvisation, new music, and historically informed performance. This semester, we include a New Virtuosity workshop with violinist Tom Chiu of the internationally noted Flux Quartet, a Baroque project with members of the acclaimed NY-based group The Sebastians and masterclasses with pianist Keiko Sekino, cellist Emanuel Gruber and others.  

As is evident, MYCO offers wonderful musical opportunities to all participants within a supportive and inspiring atmosphere. As Artistic Directors, we will continue to make it our primary mission to provide MYCO participants with experiences that challenge and encourage them to grow as musicians and individuals through practicing creativity, artistry, and collaboration.

We look forward to making chamber music with you this semester!

Mimi Solomon and Nicholas DiEugenio
co-Artistic Directors, MYCO


Highlights from the Fall 2017 Semester


Improvisation Workshop with Alex Ezerman, UNC-G

September 24


New Virtuosity Workshop with Tom Chiu, Flux Quartet

October 22

Within a workshop format, Tom Chiu will introduce alternative systems of notation (many of them relevant or influential to composers working today).  Using Stravinsky as a point of departure, I will first expose the young musicians to mixed-meter beat patterns as well as the incorporation of ostinato/rhythmic figures that defy the barline.  From there, we will explore excerpts of music from noted 20th-century composers, as well as living composers, working in a diverse array of unconventional notational methods.


Residency with Yoram Youngerman

November 5 and 12

MYCO founder Yoram Youngerman returns from Israel for a two-week residency during which he will conduct chamber orchestra as well as coach every chamber music group twice.


   Residency with Gwen Krosnick

   November 19

   Founder of Trio Cleonice, cellist Gwen Krosnick visits MYCO for a mini-               concert, master class, and guest coaching.